South Meck Alum, Patrick Cannon enters race for Charlotte mayor!


When you imagine South Meck and the legacy it creates you don’t always think of who has walked the same hallways as we do. Yet South Meck has been home to some amazing people but as well fantastic athletes, politicians and leaders. One of those people who has graced sabre nation was Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon.

The down to earth and very interesting mayoral candidate doesn’t exactly seem like the political type upon having a conversation with him. Mr. Cannon really speaks to every person he’s addressing as an individual and not a voter which nowadays is a rarity in local, state and national politics. The father of two has been the most recent candidate to throw in his hat in the upcoming mayoral race after the departure of Anthony Foxx as he becomes the U.S. Secretary of the Department Of Transportation.

Mr. Cannon started off early becoming the youngest person to ever be elected to city office by the age of 26. Cannon has also become the longest-serving Mayor Pro Tem with 8 terms under his belt. While being politically active Cannon is also an entrepreneur with a business that he manages and a radio show on 105.3 that he hosts every Saturday morning called “Aiming with Cannon”. So to say the least Patrick Cannon is a busy man. His passion for community service and activism slowly developed as Cannon began thinking about politics when he was approached to run at age of 26. ”I’ve always had a servant-leaders heart of wanting to give back to my community and help people so engaging in politics ended up being a natural fit,” says Cannon.
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The role of Mayor is seen as the lead person who is a representation of the city of Charlotte; it represents the culture we nurture here in the QC. As a candidate Cannon is ready to address issues such as providing more private and public sector opportunities, job creation and housing.

Mr. Cannon does not only represent the city of Charlotte as one of the 2013 mayoral candidates but also his alma mater South Mecklenburg High School! Cannon explained that he wanted to attend an advanced high school and South Meck was the perfect place to be. Cannon’s time at South Meck helped to influence his entrepreneurial and leadership skills but not so much his interest in politics. We asked…

Q. Did your time at South Meck or N.C. A&T help to spark your interest in politics?

A. Actually it didn’t. Although I was vice-president of DECA at South Mecklenburg where Eileen O’keefe was President, I didn’t consider politics at any real point and time during my high school or collegiate years. That being the case, I’ve always had a servant leaders heart of wanting to give back to my community and help people, so engaging in politics ended up being a natural fit.

Cannon emphasized that his time at South Meck played a critical role in his development and provided the foundation for his future pursuits post-secondary school.

Patrick Cannon is one of our many alumni who have continued on to make an impact in their community. Cannon wears the badge of a Sabre with pride and is an example of the remarkable feats you can accomplish as a member of the South Meck family.

The 2013 Mayoral Election can determine if the Mayor of Charlotte is a South Meck alum! To support or learn more about Mr. Cannon visit!

By: Clarrissa Brooks & Alton Peques

Interview held Wednesday, June 19, 2013

UPDATE: Democrat Patrick Cannon and Republican Edwin Peacock head into a mayoral showdown…The winner of the Nov. 5 election will succeed Mayor Patsy Kinsey, who was appointed in July to replace fellow Democrat – now U.S. Department of Transportation secretary – Anthony Foxx.
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